Moxie User Manual


My name is Moxie, and I’m here to help you keep your heart happy and your health on track.

Let me introduce myself:

  • I am a website. With one easy login, I’m here to help you stay on top of your medications and keep track of your diet and exercise habits. In short, I support you in reaching your heart health goals, so you can focus on other things.

  • I’m your heart health correspondent. I love to stay in touch! I can send you regular updates and articles about health conditions, medications and inspiration for healthy lifestyle choices. I am ready to reach out to you by email and mail, and there’s tons of information waiting for you on my website too.

  • I’m fully customizable and here to help on your terms. Just let me know how you would like me to assist you as you navigate your health condition. Would you like me to keep in touch via email? Or do you prefer to just get mail or only hear from me when you login to my website? That’s okay too. Just let me know by selecting ‘settings’ in your web portal.

  • I’m fun! Every time you answer one of my short questions, or read my articles, you earn points. Unlock new awards, learn new things and keep an eye on your score to see how far you’ve come.

  • I love to give gifts! Check out your Welcome Kit for some nifty things to help you on your health + wellness journey. But that’s just the beginning- keep an eye on the mail… who knows what might show up.

Your friend,


Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Check your email inbox for an email from Inside, there is a green button with “ACTIVATE ACCOUNT” written on it. Go ahead and click this link. A new internet browser window should open. 

Problems? If you can’t find your email from Moxie, check your “Spam” folder and be sure to add this address to your safe list. Otherwise, call 403-210-6609 for assistance.

Step 2: This new browser window is the Moxie website. You might want to bookmark it so it’s easy to come back to. The address is

If you forget, the web address is printed on your Moxie Post-It Notes and on your blue Moxie ID Card found in your Welcome Kit.

Step 3: To get started, create a secure personal password that you will use when it’s time to log-on to Moxie’s website. Pick something that will be easy to remember but only you know. If you’d like, you can write this down on the back of the blue Moxie ID card provided in your Welcome Kit. Then, press OK.

Step 4: Congratulations! You are now logged into your official personalized Moxie website. Here you can find information and messages created with you in mind as well as easy medication, diet, activity and lifestyle check-ins.

Step 5: Explore to find out more about how Moxie can help you along on your path to heart health. There are articles to read, fun quizzes to complete and points to be earned.

Step 6: Let Moxie know how she can help you successfully manage your health care needs.

In the upper right corner of the Moxie webpage, you’ll find a button that looks like this:user icon. Click to reveal your Settings. This is where you can opt-out of receiving emails.


Getting to know Moxie

How can Moxie help me?

Moxie is your personalized health + wellness support system. She is here to help you succeed on your own individual heart health journey.

That’s why Moxie offers a selection of tools available to help you shape your experience and make the decisions about your health that work best for you. These include:

  • Articles & Hints: Moxie’s huge database includes valuable information on your medication, health condition(s), diet, exercise and lifestyle. These can be delivered to you by email and in the mail, and will always be waiting for you on your personalized website at

  • Medication, Activity & Diet Trackers: Moxie will help you stay on top of your day-to-day health routine by asking you to answer some simple questions around your medication, exercise and diet on a daily basis both by email and on email. Think you may have missed a question? Just select the “Notices” button to make sure you’re up to date.

  • Points & Rewards: Every time you answer one of Moxie’s short questions, or read an article, you earn points. Collect points to unlock new awards, and keep an eye on your score to see how far you’ve come. It’s fun! You can check out how many points you’ve won by selecting the “Awards” button at the top of your screen.

  • A Timeline: There are a lot of ways to make the most of Moxie. And with a Timeline feature built into, you can see how far you’ve come. Just scroll down to go back in time, look back at the points you’ve earned and re-read your favourite articles.

  • Resources + External Links: Moxie knows that knowledge is power. That’s why she’s set-up a list of external links to reliable information on everything to do with your health and condition(s).

How To Use in 4 Easy Steps is designed to help you keep in touch with Moxie, find information, search for articles and keep track of your diet, medication and exercise. Moxie loves when you visit, so come by anytime!

Step 1: To get started, load your favourite internet browser and enter into the address bar.

(illustration: web browser, my moxie in the top, front page log in screen there)

Step 2: Enter your email address and the password you selected when you set-up your Moxie account. Then press the green button that says “Sign In”.

If you are the only user on your computer, and you’d like to skip this step in the future, check off the little box next to “Keep me logged in”.

Having Problems Accessing Your Account? 

Problem with your password? Find the blue text below the “Sign In” button that says “Forgot your password” and follow instructions.

Haven’t created an account yet? Please go back to the “Let’s Get Started” part of this manual.

Step 3: Congratulations! You are now logged into and have opened your personalized homepage.

You may be asking- what are all these things I see in front of me? Let’s have a closer look:

  • Question Cards: One of the first things you’ll notice are two rectangle shaped cards with questions on them. Answering these will let Moxie help you record your daily medication, diet and activity habits, and you’ll earn points too!

  • Knowledge Cards: These cards appear after you respond to the Question Cards. These may appear as facts or as quizzes. Click on the buttons at the bottom of the card to reveal more information and you’ll get fun points and awards too.

  • My Timeline: Your Timeline lets you navigate through all the things you’ve done, including all the points you’ve won and articles you’ve read on Moxie.

  • Notices: These are notes and cards that you haven’t had a chance to read and flip. But no problem, they’re waiting here for you when you’re ready.

  • Awards: Click here to open up a total tally of your points and all the ways you’ve earned them. You can also look forward to see what other points are in store. You can find this on the top left hand corner.

  • Resources + External Links: Just press “Click Here to Keep Exploring” on your awards page to access this list of external website with reliable information on your overall health and condition(s). Sort by topic by selecting the circle next to each subject or see the entire list by scrolling down the screen.

Step 4: Customize

Let Moxie know the best ways she can help you by selecting the user icon icon from the right side of the top of the screen.

Put your mouse over top and click to open up a menu with 2 options:

  • Settings:  This option allows you to tell Moxie how you want to communicate with her. You can ask her not to email you anymore. This means you will only hear from Moxie when you visit
  • Sign-Out: This logs you out of your personalized website. Use this to protect your information if your computer is shared or in a public place like a library.

Points & Awards

Moxie loves to see you do well! You might have noticed that you’re earning points- so what’s that all about?

Moxie sends points your way whenever you do something to make your day a little bit healthier. Just answer the questions Moxie asks you when you login to your personalized homepage or take the time to read health facts hand picked for you earn points instantly!

Eating well, exercising and taking your medication are just some of the ways to start earning big.

And, just like in real life, your choices add up. The fun thing about points is that every time you earn them, your total score goes up too. Do this enough, and you’ll start winning tons of cool awards!

Check out your total points by clicking on “Awards”. Also, keep an eye on the bottom of your screen for fun messages that let you know each time you’ve earned new points. Good luck!

Understanding Your Pedometer

You’ll find a blue & white pedometer in your Welcome Kit.

This is designed to help you keep track of how many steps you take in a day. Doctors recommend taking 10,000 steps a day, which adds up to big benefits for your cardiovascular system and overall health.

Click here to see your pedometer in action!

What about my doctor?

Moxie helps you work with your doctor to stay on top of your heart health.

In the Moxie Starter Kit, you have received a letter that you can give to your doctor. It explains that you have been selected to participate in this project, and gives details about the support services offered. Please take this with you during your next visit. You can also use your Moxie Wallet Card to show your doctor if s/he wants more information at a later time.

What about my pharmacist?

Moxie knows that your pharmacist is an important member of your healthcare team. That’s why you’ve also received a letter to give to s/he next time you go to refill your prescriptions. This letter explains your participation in the Moxie project, and asks your pharmacist to take some measures to help you stay on track with your medication. This could include prescription refill reminders and medication schedule reviews but it’s up to you.

What about my caregiver?

A caregiver is anyone who provides on-going support to you in managing your overall cardiovascular health. This might be an adult child, a spouse or a hired assistant. Moxie has included a letter to pass along to this person, so you can keep him or her up-to-date about the steps you’re taking to promote your heart health.